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              AmTrust PAYO?

              Reduce agent chargebacks and time spent managing billing, cancellation, reinstatement, and collection issues with Pay As You Owe (PAYO?).

              Reduce agent chargebacks and your time spent managing billing, cancellation, reinstatement, and collection issues.

              Increase your retention of policyholders through streamlined service.

              Eliminate your need to collect money at policy inception or renewal

              AmTrust PAYO? for Agents

              Across the country, insureds are looking for a cash flow solution that aligns with the changes and flow of their business. Pay-As-You-Owe® can help. While PAYO® offers clear benefits for policyholders, the system is also designed to directly support the growth and success of our AmTrust appointed agents.

              PAYO® is AmTrust's workers' compensation payment solution. For insureds, PAYO® makes paying premiums an automated process that limits the worries, hassles and inconvenience of other payment solutions. Insureds can enjoy enhanced cash flow benefits since PAYO® premiums are based on actual payroll, rather than estimates. Pay as you go offers a simplified audit process and eliminates the need to write checks or pay individual invoices to maintain coverage. PAYO® also means that your policyholders can bind their workers' compensation coverage without putting any money down at policy inception or renewal. The flexible payment features of our PAYO® system help you, as an AmTrust agent, better attract new clients while retaining existing policyholders.

              AmTrust PAYO for Agents

              The Benefits of PAYO

              Pay-As-You-Owe (PAYO®) offers a number of benefits to agents. First, PAYO® has proven itself as a useful sales tool for agents trying to attract new policyholders. Insureds will always want a cash flow payment systems that is easy-to-use, flexible and helps control costs, which is exactly how PAYO® was designed to deliver service. PAYO® also eliminates the need for you to collect money at policy inception or renewal, without putting your business at increased risk.

              In addition to being a useful sales tool, PAYO® make the management of workers compensation policies easier for agents, as well. The system significantly reduces the risk of commission chargebacks and helps you save time by reducing the number of billing, cancellation, reinstatement, and collection errors and issues. With PAYO®, you will still receive regular commissions, remain the agent of record, and protect your current book of business. Finally, with our network of Approved Payroll Partners, you will be able to expand your sales network, increasing the revenue you can bring in to your agency. Here is a full list of benefits you can enjoy by offering PAYO® to your insureds:

              • Reduce the chance of commission chargebacks.
              • Save time by reducing the chance of billing, cancellation/reinstatement and collection issues.
              • Remain the agent of record and receive full regular commission on our workers' compensation policies, with $1,000 minimum premiums and no maximum.
              • Protect your current business while attracting new policyholders with a proven sales tool.
              • Strengthen your insured retention with a streamlined, flexible workers' compensation payment solution.
              • Compete against national payroll companies and professional employer organizations (PEOs).
              • Eliminate need to collect money at policy inception and renewal, and enjoy net rates that include expense constant and state fees.
              • Get access to our local Approved Payroll Partners, making it easy to get started and expand your sales circle.
              • Have new payroll partners approved more easily by using our flexible PAYO® reporting options.
              • Enjoy fast, reliable service from our dedicated PAYO® customer service team.
              The Benefits of PAYO

              How PAYO? Works

              AmTrust appointed agents will partner with an approved payroll company to make PAYO® premium payments seamless for the insured. Pay as you go workers' compensation premiums are based on current payroll, so the payroll company will calculate the premium at the same time they calculate payroll for policyholders. The premium due is automatically collected based on the payroll company's preference. Ask your Regional Sales Manager or Underwriter for a list of our AmTrust Approved Payroll Partners.

              How PAYO Works

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